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Enrolment Form for Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY)
Christchurch and Online Classes

To register your or your clients interest for an upcoming 9 week Trauma Informed Yoga Group Therapy course either via online New Zealand wide or in person classes in Christchurch, please complete the following questions:

Are you a client self-enrolling, or a therapist enrolling a client?
Which term(s) are you enquiring about?

Client info:

How is attendance being funded?

Private Funding - $500 inc GST payable in full prior to course commencement - please email for payment details

If you wish ACC to fund you under an existing accepted claim, please request your ACC approved therapist or ACC case manager to send us confirmation of the following purchase order approval:

13.5 hours x SCGW and 1 hour x SCGT
PO Start Date – 01 Jan 2024, to Expiry Date – 31 Dec 2024
We have two different groups approved for Christchurch/Online:
•       Trauma Informed Yoga Level 1 & 2 (including Chair classes)
•       Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra
Then please email confirmation of ACC funding approval to


You will be placed on our waitlist and contacted for triage 1-2 weeks prior to course commencement to confirm class choice, etc.

Would you like us to contact you directly regarding your client referral prior to contacting them?

Thank you, We will make contact with you as soon as possible to confirm we have received your enrolment.

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